About IBA

IBA was established in 2012 to help Foreign Investors and Business Owners establish or expand their business into the United States.

We have become a full service Advisors, which means we have grown to provide services for every step of the way to enter the US Market.

Our Main Services area: Advisory-Legal-Commercial Loan Financing

Why Choose Us

Advisory - Legal - Commercial Loan Financing


Every client we take on has a different starting point but for a client just beginning the process of entering the US we have a typical 4 step approach.


IBA has strategically partnered with top Texas Attorneys to help our clients legally navite the process of establishing a new business in the US.


IBA works with financial institutions and foreign investors in order to maximaze their investment and create financially feasible projects.

For entry to exit we assist investors, entrepreneurs, or businesses. Our main focus is in these Texas markets:

  • San Antonio
  • Laredo
  • McAllen (RGV Area)
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Houston

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